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Are you looking for a decent paintball guns and equipment? Well, we got you covered. Let’s see what’s inside.


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Tips & Trick

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How paintball is played?

Paintball’s playing modes may vary from individuals to teamfight and there are many objectives to achieve based on the game mode you pick. Using your markers (paintball-shooter with CO2 pressure), you could choose normal mode, where shoot to eliminate or capture the flags, defense the ground or protect the VIP to the spot. To understand the operation of the game, please read our instruction carefully.

How much does paintball hurt?

Don’t worry, it’s just a slight sting or flick on your body. Thanks to your helmet, goggles and body armor, the pain is negligible and fades away shortly. However, there is small chance that the ball hits the soft parts of your body and cause small bruises.

When was paintball invented?

Many rumors tell that the first paintball match happened between hunters and loggers, but the real first game occurred in a large field of New Hampshire on June, 1981, the day was 7th. If you want more information on this event and the history of paintball, click on tab “Knowledge”, we have told it all for you.


Are paintball guns legal in NYC?

Quite unfortunate, NYC hasn’t legalised the act of purchasing or selling paintball guns. If you are inside the area of Bronx, Queens, States Island, Manhattan and Brooklyn, owning a single paintball marker is also illegal.


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