Top 10 Best Paintball Hoppers | Top Loader Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Paintball Hoppers

Before you could even confidently go into the field, you’ll have to acquire a number of essential pieces of paintball gear. Aside from the obvious items like the paintball marker and safety clothing, no paintball set is perfect without a hopper.

Find the best paintball hopper is an important part of any player’s arsenal. It holds multiple rounds that drop into your gun before firing, so you can quickly chamber another round without having to stop and wait for it all go away like with some other mechanisms (like manually reloading). You’ll want this if there are opponents nearby – the faster they’re gone then less time we’ll have left in our match!

Top 10 Best Paintballs Reviews (2023

The Best Paintball Hoppers Of 2023

1. Virtue Spire IV Electronic Paintball

Virtue Spire IV Electronic Paintball

The Virtue Spire IV Electronic Paintball Loader is a smaller, more maneuverable type. It has a total capacity of 220/280 paintballs and is increasingly being utilized in competitive competitions.

This loader has a unique function in that it can be attached to your phone to send you notifications when you have to reload it.

After you’ve downloaded the program, you’re ready to start. The Bluetooth feature is quite helpful, and the LED indication warns you when the power is running low.

The hopper is pricier since it is fitted with modern technologies. It’s also comes in a multitude of colors and has great functionality.

You’ll probably like a lot of things about this hopper after you get to know it.

Pros Cons

✔️ It has a large enough capacity

✔️ Available in a variety of colors

✔️ The shell is made of long-lasting nylon

✔️ Battery life display is included

✔️ Sensors are installed to ensure steady loading

✔️ Simple to keep up with

✔️ It’s small and light

✔️ Capable of working with wet paint

❌ To initiate the feed, the hopper may need manual shaking

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2. DYE LT-R Paintball Hopper

Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader

The DYE LT-R Paintball Hopper is also one of the greatest options if you’re searching for an electronic hopper.

The proprietary DYE loader mechanism, which combines a high degree of usefulness with excellent practicality and feed rates, is among the most compelling reasons.

The hopper has a shooting rate of over 30 balls per sec, which is rather astounding. The hopper can produce around 80,000 balls shoot count using the batteries.

Another consideration is the simplicity of upkeep, which allows you to enjoy a very intuitive and uncomplicated design. With a press of a button or a glide of the locking lever, you can empty the hopper in seconds.

Furthermore, the torque parameters may be modified manually. When working in low – light conditions, you can also switch off an indication light.

The hopper is vulnerable to jamming, which is the only fault we discovered. However, you may easily solve the problem by turning it over and releasing the unjam mechanism.

Pros Cons

✔️ Exceptionally practical and dependable

✔️ Battery that works well

✔️ Simple to keep up with

✔️ Water-resistant

✔️ Torque may be adjusted

❌ High chance of blocking

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3. Dye Precision Loader Rotor R2

Dye R2 Electronic Paintball Loader

The Dye Precision Loader Rotor R2 is a well-made and functional alternative that strives to provide fast loading rates and enough capacity.

It is compact enough to hold without becoming weary, weighing around 1/1 pound. The hopper is specifically built to hold a big amount of paintballs, around 250.

This indicates you can enjoy for extended periods of time without having to refresh your battery. This type has a wide opening that enables for speedy loading, which is ideal for paintball competitions.

To keep the hopper effective, you don’t need to include any other tools.

It also has a proprietary design that allows for more than 30 balls each second. If you’re using 3AA cells, you’ll get about 100 shoots out of them before they need to be replaced.

The innovative trigger system ensures a smooth transition from reload to reload. Finally, we’ll discuss the battery indicator, which shows how much power is remaining in the device. When the hopper has to be recharged, it will light red. It comes highly recommended!

Pros Cons

✔️ Lightweight

✔️ Reloading is simple

✔️ Capacity is large

✔️ This is a battery indication

✔️ Quick activation thanks to a patented trigger technology

✔️ Shooting speed is quick

❌ Plastic components aren’t extremely long-lasting

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4. G.I. Sportz LVL Paintball Loader

G.I. Sportz LVL Paintball Loader v1.5 - Black / Red

The LVL paintball hopper from G.I. Sportz is attractive and fully-equipped to meet all of your field demands. The Mid-range device is 1.4 pounds and has a low profile, allowing you to shoot properly without being obstructed. It is also lightweight, making it simple to transfer between locations. The device is built of tough nylon that can bear impact.

This device also has changeable settings, allowing you to choose between high, medium, and low rates. Paintballs may be dispensed at a rate of 15+ bps from the paintball hopper. When you glance at the unit, you’ll see it has a large capacity, holding 204 paintballs for a full round.

The device has a jam-proof technology to prevent clogging in addition to a big capacity. A rubber-based feeding mechanism for soft balls, a rain cover, and battery indications are also included. To ensure you don’t wind up with a broken paintball gun, the indications function both visually and loudly. The paintball hopper is simple to dismantle for storing and operates on four AA batteries. The battery is not included and must be purchased separately.

Pros Cons

✔️ A jam-proof mechanism is included

✔️ The body is made of tough nylon

✔️ Ample capacity is available

✔️ It has variable speeds

✔️ A rain lid is included

✔️ Disassembly is simple

✔️ Low-profile and lightweight

❌ Louder than usual

❌ Somewhat expensive

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5. Empire 2017 Halo Too Paintball Loader

Empire 2017 Halo Too Paintball Loader - Black

The Empire Halo Too Paintball Loader is among the smoothest and fastest hoppers available.

It has a flowrate of 20 balls per min and fires at a speed of about 180 balls, and it has a lightweight design.

The hopper’s cover is made of a variety of high-quality materials, including polycarbonate, which is highly long-lasting.

Furthermore, the hopper has an LED display that indicates when the batteries are low.

You may also alter the microphone sensitivities, torque of the motor, and feed stack monitor with the sound-activated software.

Pros Cons

✔️ Provides a high rate of firing

✔️ It comes with a useful gas tank

✔️ Anti-jamming mechanism

✔️ Shell is made of long-lasting materials

✔️ Cleaning and disassembly are both simple

✔️ Lightweight and long-lasting

✔️ Indicator for battery life

✔️ Exceptional value for money

❌ Heavy tank

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6. Empire Paintball Prophecy Z2 Gun Loader

Empire Paintball Prophecy Z2 Gun Loader

We recommend that you include Empire Paintball Prophecy Z2 Gun Hopper in your selection of alternatives. It will endure a long time because it is made of high-quality materials.

The hopper can carry up to 200 paintballs at one time, making it ideal for extended competitive shots.

Furthermore, because it does not require regular reloading, it is meant to keep you stress-free.

Rolling around the playground will be simpler than ever before because to the small profile.

It also has a sound-activated function and the ability to shoot quickly. One disadvantage is that the battery casing is just not up to standard. Overall, it’s a popular option with a huge storage capacity.

Pros Cons

✔️ Built to last

✔️ Colorful options are available

✔️ Large storage capacity

✔️ Reloading is not required on a regular basis

❌ The battery housing was built improperly

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7. Tippmann Cyclone Feeder System

Tippmann Cyclone Feeder System for Custom 98, Alpha Black Elite

Following that, we’d like to recommend the Tippmann Cyclone Feeder System. No batteries are required for its user-friendly structure.

You can simply feed paintball into your marker at a total of 15 balls per sec with an air-assisted loading mechanism.

It also has a feeder sprocket that links to the hopper’s air mechanism and ensures coordinated ball feed.

In addition, the broad mouth can hold up to 200 paintballs and is held with a quick-release sleeve.

Setting up this system is a basic and straightforward process. It also has a fast feed rate and a jam-clearing mechanism.

One minor disadvantage is that it is heavily reliant on air to function, which means that the ultra-low tank will have an impact on operation in some situations.

Pros Cons

✔️ Mechanism that is simple to use

✔️ Prevents the jamming or breaking of the device

✔️ Encourages the feeding of balls in a coordinated manner

✔️ It’s simple to set up

✔️ Up to 200 paintballs can be stored

❌ It is more reliant on air to operate.

❌ The lid may be somewhat difficult to open

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8. HK Army TFX Paintball Hopper

HK Army TFX 3.0 Paintball Loader

Another popular alternative is the HK Army TFX Paintball Loader, which has a 216-round capacity.

It’s simple to keep up with because it has a sturdy outer shell. With two AA batteries that work well in most scenarios, the battery capacity is another plus.

Furthermore, the loader has a firing speed of 22 to 50 paintballs per sec.

Isn’t it awe-inspiring? This hopper is waterproof and has anti-jam technology, allowing you to enjoy the best paintballing experience possible.

You can’t go wrong with the HK Army TFX Paintball Loader if you want a user-friendly design and mechanism.

Pros Cons

✔️ Provides a steady supply of food

✔️ Has a storage cover

✔️ Available in a wide variety of colors

✔️ Maintain a long battery life

✔️ It comes with a two-month warranty

✔️ It is simple to properly maintain

✔️ A battery life indicator is included

✔️ The coating is water-resistant and has a quick speed

✔️ Eye-sensors that are both efficient and responsive

❌ Difficult to open the lid.

❌ Some people may not like the LED light.

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9. Valken Paintball VSL Tournament

Valken Paintball VSL Tournament Electronic Loader (Black)

The Valken Paintball VSL Tournament is known for being one of the few loaders capable of switching from.58 to.50 calibre in a matter of seconds. The gun has a supply of 250 bullets and fires at a rate of 15+ shots per minute. It also contains a capacity extender, allowing you to shoot for extended periods of time. The loading system’s continuity is not jeopardized by the extender.

It’s a little device, weighing only 1.3 pounds, so it’s easy to transport. The machine can manage soft paint without becoming stuck. The paintball hopper requires 3AA batteries to function properly, however they must be purchased separately. This hopper doesn’t have any fancy features, just the essentials.

The device has a quick-switch lid for convenient loading and a fast-release shell for easy cleanse to make things easier for the user. Even if you’re running about, the gripping feed neck will keep the device steady.

Pros Cons

✔️ It’s simple to put together and take apart

✔️ It has a huge capacity and fires quickly

✔️ It’s light and easy to maneuver

✔️ For convenient loading, it has a fast switch lid

✔️ A click-in capacity kit is included

✔️ Capable of working with delicate paint

✔️ The item is for sale at a reasonable price

❌ No battery indicator

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10. Bunkerkings CTRL Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers

Bunkerkings CTRL Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers

The Bunkerkings CTRL boasts an industry-leading precise angle indication that ensures you always get the initial shot. The loader’s low profile, streamlined form, excellent balance, and robust nylon body make it a great choice.

The Bunkerkings CTRL loader is quite similar to its Virtue Spire 4 cousin, with a few key technological and accuracy differences.

  • Body and appearance:

Despite its compact appearance, the Bunkerkings CTRL loader is a real 200 ball round feeder. This hopper, by far, has the cheapest profile I’ve ever seen.

Unlike those hoppers that stay up taller, when this device rests on upper edge of your paintball gun, you can still observe everything perfectly clear. While sprinting, firing, and sliding, the streamlined form allows you a far wider field of view.

The cover is made of reinforced nylon and will not shatter even if explosive is dropped on it. The cover will be pull off with a simple push on the latch, just like the Virtue Spire 3 and 4.

It’s suitable with all crown speed feeds. You may also use The Bunkerking’s NTR speed feed, which is excellent.

  • The CTRL hopper of the Bunkering:

The top lid will come straight off if you remove the tab on the rear. This paintball loader does not include the side and from spring ramps; you must purchase them separately.

The bottom of the tray is securely fastened. Its tray resembles that of Virtue Spiral 3. It may be powered by 3AA batteries or the N-charge pack. It is all up to you.

For our convenience, the guidelines and instruction manual are printed on the board. The magnetic disassembly of the Drive cone is possible.

  • The angle indication is as follows:

To tackle the monster in the house, the futuristic angle indication is why The Bunkerkings CTRL is on the best paintball hopper list.

When you press the power button, a red light appears on a strip. The Bunkerkings CTRL needed a normal tournament field perspective, so they came up with this (120 feet wide, 120 feet by 150 long).

So they built this angle indicator as a training option in Bunkerkings so you can figure out what your angel is.

The light will become green depending on the field’s measurements. You’ll have the exact angle to fire the first ball, not too low or too high.

Pros Cons

✔️ It’ll never lock up on you

✔️ Muscle memory is developed by angle indicator training for flawless shooting

✔️ Menu for guided programming

✔️ Actual capacity is 200 rounds

✔️ Nylon lid is unbreakable

✔️ Low battery warning

✔️ Shell and tray that don’t require any tools

❌ Ramps for the springs must be ordered separately

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Why Finding The Best Paintball Hopper Is The Key To Your Game?

The paintball hopper you choose might be the gap between a fantastic and a poor game. The last thing you want to learn in the heat of battle is that your gear is broken. Here’s some facts that can help you pick the paintball hopper that’s right for your skill level and budget.

showing my paintball hopper

Gravity Load or Electronic

Gravity-load and electronic paintball hoppers are the two most common varieties, and certainly, that is the first decision you must make.

Gravity-fed versions are simple in design since they don’t require batteries or motors; instead, they rely on your move to put the paintballs into place, making them lightweight, inexpensive, and ideal for beginners. However, this means they have a slower flow rate and are more susceptible to jamming.

Electronic variants, on the other hand, use a motor as well as various internal settings and capabilities to allow continuous, jam-free loading, often at speeds exceeding 20 balls per second. However, they are more expensive, which is why we believe they are better suited to more professional, advanced players.

Types of Paintballs and Hopper Compatibility

Multiple types of Loaders

Is it even necessary to emphasize the importance of having a hopper that is appropriate with your paintball marker? We certainly hope not, but here’s a short rundown of what’s going on:

The great news is that much of the market is now standardized, which implies that almost all hoppers available today will fit the majority of today’s paintball markers. Still, especially if you have an older model, it’s best to be prudent and not assume anything.

Purchasing both from a manufacturer is, of course, one method to assure that they are completely compatible. Alternatively, you may always ask the supplier directly to inquire about compatibility with your particular model.

Don’t Hesitate to Spend More Money for Better Durability

Don’t Hesitate to Spend More Money for Best paintball hopper

It’s simple to drop your paintball gun on the field, and you need to know that the gun condition will last both within and outside. As previously noted, many paintball hoppers are constructed of plastic, which might be fragile, particularly transparent ones. It’s crucial to use hoppers made of high-quality plastic that can tolerate a little wear and tear. Don’t go for the cheap ones that will break in a day; there are producers that have made it their aim to offer lasting paintball hoppers using thick dexterous material.

What To Look For When Buying A Paintball Hopper

When looking for the ideal apartment, what aspects do you seek for? Do you merely check the price or do you want to know more? To learn what traits to search for, read the following section:

Choose the paintball loader for your competition level

A man with his paintball gun playing

The finest paintball hoppers for pros may not be the greatest for newbies, and conversely, therefore the first thing we’d like you to do is assess your skill level – then shop accordingly:


If you’re only going to play once in a while, your choice process might be rather straightforward. Search for an entry-level alternative, whether gravity-loaded or electrical — anything lightweight, simple to operate, and economical will suffice.


If you’re more experienced but still don’t think yourself as a pro, a mid-range loader may be your best option. They are more expensive than entry-level versions, but they have sophisticated capabilities that may give you an advantage in the field and offer you bragging rights. You’ll see what we mean if you look at the sound-activated, eye-activated, and cyclone-activated hoppers.


Finally, if you intend to compete in major paintball tournaments, be prepared to go all out — a high-level paintball hopper is a requirement. They not only have a faster feed rate and a larger capacity, but they also feature well-designed motors and sensors to ensure constant performance, eliminate clogging, and assure that nothing goes wrong.

Weight and Size of Paintball Hopper

paintball hoppers in a store

You must get a paintball hopper that is precisely the right size for the quantity of paintballs you intend to store. It is not necessary to purchase the largest hopper. Everything you must do is look for one that is precisely the right size for your requirements.

A well-designed hopper will contain at least 50 balls. While the most modern versions can contain hundreds of balls, allowing you to shoot while your enemies are still reloading.

Now we’ll talk about weight, which is another significant factor to consider. Lightweight hoppers are the best option. Following that, contemporary and compact hoppers with a low weight are sufficient.

You never expect the weight of a hopper to limit your movement, so look for ones that are lighter.


As previously said, it is critical to know how many paintballs you will require to finish your task. You won’t spend time reloading if your unit can contain a large number of paintballs. The minimal quantity of paintballs in a basic unit is 50 or more, and these versions are typically used by novices. A unit with a bigger capacity than the standard models is required for skilled and mid-level players. There are versions that can hold 200+ paintballs in a single run and others that can hold less. You may choose a version with a high volume or one with a small volume depending on your budget.


It’s critical to determine whether the paintball hopper you’ve chosen is appropriate with the paintball gun. Many paintball hoppers are designed to work with a wide range of weapons.

However, you should double-check to see if the hopper you intend to buy is compatible with the model. You may certainly avoid the chance of expensive returns if you take this into account. It also ensures that your hopper is compatible with your marker.


my best paintball gun with hopper

We recommend picking a hopper that fits the type of your paintball marker. This is an important element to consider if you actually want your pistol and hopper to go hand in hand.

Because hoppers come in a variety of colors, you may easily choose one that matches your own style.

If your loader has a small and stylish design, that’s an extra bonus. It should feel good in your grip and enable you to be engaged while playing paintball. Furthermore, having nice-looking gear while playing is unimportant.

Fire Rate

Look for hoppers that have a high rate of firing when you’re looking for them. You’ll need to know what you’ll need on the paintball field and what kind of trigger you’ll need to match it.

We recommend a hopper that falls into the mid-range or high-end category. You can begin with a basic model if you are a newbie.

Speed Feed

Pinokio speed feed loader

It’s a crucial component of the paintball gun’s system. This item is attached to the feeder lid. It looks to be tiny and round, which makes loading much easier.

Speed feed allows you to effortlessly replenish your hopper and speeds up the operation by nearly two times. They’re also compatible with the majority of paintball weapons.


One simple technique to ensure the longevity of your hopper is to use materials that can withstand direct collisions and strong blows. Here are a few possibilities:

Aluminum is the lightest and most widely used material. They’re ancient, but they’re still functional and economical. However, because it is readily soiled, you will need to clean it more frequently.

Ceramic is almost as light as metal. They are, however, more likely to break.

Steel is among the most resilient materials available. They aren’t subjected to much wear and tear. We can’t dispute that metal is a sturdy and durable material, but it also weights a lot more.

Speed Feed Feature

paintball gun's system

If you’re a paintball pro, you’ll want to invest in a hopper that will help you improve your game even more. Various hoppers have different speed rates.

Some modern hoppers have an extremely high feed rate, giving you an advantage over the competition.

Medium feed-rate hoppers and low-speed hoppers are often seen, and both work well to help your game shine out. You can select one based on your degree of comfort and skill.

Polycarbonate Fiber: This material is used to make a lot of hoppers. It’s long-lasting, light, and simple to clean. Additionally, it provides for minimal friction, making the paintball faster and simpler to release.

Affordability and Budget

Hoppers come in a variety of pricing ranges, depending on the material, brand, and efficacy. If you play paintball frequently, you should consider investing in a greater hopper to help you improve your game.

Alternatively, if you just play paintball sometimes, a low-cost hopper will suffice. It’s critical to make a careful selection based on your previous experience, money, and knowledge.
h3 Mechanism of Paintball Hopper

Although the mechanism of a paintball feeder is same between brands, there are a few variances that might affect performance.

The hopper has a driving shaft and an engine that functions reliably throughout all hoppers, as well as an outer protective cover. You may browse for several mechanics, but be sure to pick one that is compatible with your playing style.

Risk of Jams

The hopper might become stuck in the midst of a game at times. It’s a frustrating condition, especially during a game.

Make sure you conduct thorough research before purchasing a hopper that specifically specifies the anti-jamming feature. This is a feature that will almost certainly be found on the top paintball hoppers, while it may also be found on some of the more affordable models. It is mostly determined by the tray filler’s design.

Water Resistance

the Virtue Crown SF speed feed

Because of all the paintball markers flying, large paintball games may get rather damp. As a result, if your hopper is not water-resistant, it will shortly be ruined.

When choose which hopper to purchase, make sure it has a water-resistant function. As a result, it has a long lifespan and performs well throughout.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the difference between an electronic paintball hopper and a gravity-fed hopper?

A: The two common forms of paintball hoppers you’ll come across are electronic and gravity-fed. Both of them have distinct characteristics that distinguish them from one another. The gravity-fed hopper, for example, works similarly to a standard paintball hopper that can be readily attached to a gun’s feed neck.

It drops paintballs into the marker using gravity to feed them into your marker. The nicest thing about this feeder is how well it works. The only drawback is that it feeds fairly rapidly. It has a capacity of around 10-12 paintballs per sec.

Electronic paintball hoppers arrive in helpful if you’re a paintball gamer who wishes to shoot quicker. In comparison to gravity-fed devices, these hoppers often feature battery-powered engines and feeder trays that allow for faster paintball loading.

With these qualities, an electronic hopper should be able to shoot around 15-20 paintballs per sec. Though you may always strive for faster shots.

Q: How do I maintain a paintball hopper?

A: Because of their basic nature, paintball hoppers are easy to repair. Here are some helpful maintenance suggestions:

  • Inside the hopper housing, try not to get enraged. If this occurs by accident, disassemble the item and scrape away any dirt before it dry.
  • To prevent losing pieces or placing them in the incorrect spot, disassemble in a systematic manner.
  • Clean up any leftover paint after the game to prevent it from stacking up and creating a traffic bottleneck.
  • When cleaning the device, avoid using chemical detergent. Water and soap are effective.
  • To keep the surfaces in good shape, only use the oils that have been advised.
  • Always keep the hopper in a container to protect it from damage and dirt accumulation.

Q: As a beginner, do I need to invest in a paintball loader?

A: Yes, since they improve the whole experience and create a smooth transition. You may choose between gravity and electric loaders based on the rifle you choose. Although gravity loaders are more kind to your wallet, electronic loaders let you to shoot more frequently.

Q: What are some of the hopper maintenance tips?

A: Because each hopper is unique, it requires its own set of maintenance procedures. Here are some maintenance suggestions to think about:

  1. Dismantle the feeder in a systematic manner to avoid losing parts and ensuring that nothing goes wrong.
  2. Clean up any residual paint to prevent a jam or pile-up.
  3. For cleaning, we recommend using water and soap. To clean the device, avoid using any chemical detergents.
  4. To protect the surfaces, use the specified oils.
  5. Keep the hopper covered or in a container to protect it from dirt accumulation or damage.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve made it this far, you’re well-versed on the subject of paintball hoppers. This detailed guide will assist you in narrowing down your choices and determining which one is ideal for you.

Make it a point to conduct comprehensive research and ask the appropriate questions before purchasing the finest paintball feeders on the market.

Make a point of looking through the quality and features of each item on your list. Remember to think about what type of paintball gamer you are.

It will greatly assist you in selecting the appropriate hopper for your ability level.

Enjoy your games and remember, we are always with you!

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