Top 15 Best Paintball Guns For Beginner to Pro in 2022

best paintball guns reviews and buying guide

It is true that we all like engaging in fascinating paintball sports. Whether you are new to the game or have been playing for a while, you will need to purchase a new paintball marker at some time.

Your high quality paintball markers are your everything on the field. You’re little more than a moving target if you don’t have a way of killing opponents or spraying cover fire. That’s why you need to choose your paintball guns carefully and decide which is the best paintball marker for you at any circumstances.

With so many alternatives on the market, it might be difficult to choose the one that is most suited to your requirements. Shopping for the best paintball guns may be difficult, which is why we are here to assist you.

Top 15 Best Paintball Guns Comparison Chart



Suitable For



Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker

Beginners To Intermediate

Tippmann's Proven inline bolt System
Lightweight Design


Tippmann 98 Custom

Beginners To Intermediate

Anti-Chop Technology
Tippmann's Inline Bolt System


Tippmann A5 Sniper

Intermediate To Pro

Cyclone Feed System
Fire 15 Balls Per Second


Tippmann X7 Phenom Electro

Beginners To Pro

FlexValve Technology
All-Metal Trigger


Tippmann US Army Project Salvo

Intermediate To Pro

Fantastic Look
Robust and Precise


Planet Eclipse Etha 2

Beginners To Pro

All-Around Paintball Gun
High-quality SL3


Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R

Beginners To Intermediate

Speedball Gun
Gamma Core drivetrain shoots


Planet Eclipse Emek 100

Beginners To Pro

Mechanical Paintball Marker
Gamma Core drivetrain


Dye Dam Assault Matrix

Beginners To Pro

DYE Tactical Sticky Grips
Built In Hyper Regulator


Dye Proto Rize MaXXed

Beginners To Pro

Two Separate Calibers
Easy To Clean


Empire Paintball Mini GS

Intermediate To Pro

Laser eyes on the inside
Clamping Feedneck


Empire Paintball Axe 2.0

Beginners To Pro

Durable all-aluminum body
Quiet, efficient and reliable


Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol

Intermediate To Pro

Fairly Compact
Automatic Firing


Umarex T4E Walther PPQ .43 Caliber

Intermediate To Pro

Very Small
Reliable Backup Weapon


JT ER2 Pump Pistol

Beginners To Pro

Screw-Lock Feed-neck
Lightweight Materials


Markers’ Models and Best Paintball Gun (2022)


tippman paintball

Tippmann is an American electronic paintball guns manufacturer. The company was founded by Dennis Tippmann Sr. in 1980s, along with the history of paintball. Many people are still asking why most of Tippmann markers are the military but no one knows, the best explaintion is maybe the company was founded in Fort Wayne. The company are always heading to innovate and customize to make the best paintball guns and gears. Tippmann’s paintball guns are on the top sellers for decades. In this article, we will introduce the best five Tippmann paintball markers that we think they are the top choice for beginner to pro players.

1. Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker

The Tippmann cronus tactical marker is the best choice for beginner players and best budget choice as well. The best feature of Tippmann cronus tactical marker model is it’s designed for personal customization. There are many add-ons you could have to make this paintball gun perfect for you. Other comfort are internal gas pump and rubber grips. Mechanic trigger, which is the symbol of Tippmann, also appears. Besides, the length of barrel is 9-inch. Here are some pros and cons of Cronus Tactical.

Pros Cons

✔️ Affordable

✔️ Highly-durable

✔️ Precise pinpointing feature

✔️ Enhanced shooting ability

✔️ 3 shooting modes

❌ Short barrel

❌ Somewhat hard to clean

2. Tippmann 98 Custom

Now, if the Cronus Tactical is the best choice for beginners, so the 98 custom is the one for pro players. It’s highly rated by many players and of course, the best-sellers among other paintball guns.

But how is this paintball gun so special? First of all, it’s cheap. Yeah we all desire a paintball gun that all of our friends can afford. Moreover, this marker is also reliable, convinient, easy to upgrade and yes, still at peak performance. The aluminum body makes this paintball marker lighter but easier to upgrade or modify. Tippmann 98 custom possesses the Picatiny rail which is quite handy for players. There will be no chance for broken paintballs thanks to the anti-chop technique. But no matter how good a paintball gun is, there’s still flaw. Yes, this paintball gun is durable, easy to customize, highly performance but it’s not for beginners.

Pros Cons

✔️ Probably the most adaptable marker on the market

✔️ Tippmann’s trademark toughness and lifespan are present

✔️ Uses less gas and is compatible with CO2 or HPA

❌ There’s probably more recoil than you’d like

❌ Stock barrel is only 8.5 inches

❌ Lots of accessories make this paintball marker really heavy

3. Tippmann A5

This is the old version of 98 custom and surely easy to modify with practical barrels, grips. There are two shooting modes: the single-shot for safety or spray mode with the speed of nearly 20 paintballs per sec (exact number is about 15). For paintball markers’ lovers, who desires to make their paintball guns unique and efficients, Tippmann A5 provides a upgrade on the grip with electronic triggers for faster shooting modes switch.

More than that, A5’s barrel is suitable for other paintball guns. The loading system is smooth thanks to the cyclone mechanism.

Tippmann A5 is functional with almost players but best for average players who have enough knowledge about paintball guns and game. Though this paintball marker have a reasonable price and peak performance, it still has a minor defect. It is too loud when using.

Today, Tippmann has developed and launched the A5 sniper for pro players.

Pros Cons

✔️ Highly precise thanks to long barrel and high level of firing pressure

✔️ High durability thanks to the shock-absorbing end cap

✔️ High reliability

❌ Longer barrel make you more difficult to maneuver in the field

❌ With a typical round paintball kind, you won’t be able to obtain long-range sniper status.

Click HERE To Check Price

4. Tippmann X7 Phenom Assault

Same with A5 model, X7 Phenom assault is crazily customizable. It also has a better tactical visual than Cronus model. The default shooting mode of X7 Phenom is single shot but you can upgrade it to burst mode or auto mode. If you forget to check the batteries and it dies in the middle of the match, don’t worry, this paintball marker still works well with single fire mode. This is the awesome paintball gun for woodsball players who preferthe medium or long range shots but still viable when entering a skirmish. This is the ultimate choice of many players due to the price and the upgradable ability. However, this paintball gun is quite bulky and have really short barrel.

Pros Cons

✔️ Extremely quiet

✔️ Recoil is little to none

✔️ Cyclone Feed Mechanism

❌ Short stock barrel

❌ A little bigger

5. Tippmann US Army Project Salvo

Look at this paintball gun and tell me what is your first impression? The answer is predictable. This paintball marker model has a military look that everyone desires. And like a real military stuff, it is highly qualified and always perform at high level, even in tough conditions. The inline bolt design make the paintball gun looks natural and it is also improved with the cyclone feeder when compare with other models of Tippmann.

The feeder can contain up to 200 balls to make sure you can take down all your opponents. This paintball gun is robust and precise, with two-year warranty and a fantastic look. However, it is longer than normal paintball guns and quite bulkier.

Pros Cons

✔️ Robust and excellent body.

✔️ Extremely useful.

✔️ Superb precision in shooting.

✔️ 2-year guarantee.

❌ Bigger than other paintball markers.

❌ The length is often more than that of standard paintball guns.

Planet Eclipse

planet eclipse brand

The producer comes from England, founded a decade later than Tippmann. The company had only 3 staff and small budget on the first day but quickly developed into a famous paintball guns maker that loved by thousand of players. We have picked the top 3 markers from this producer for you:

1. Planet Eclipse Etha 2

Planet eclipse Etha 2 is the modern version of Planet eclipse Etha 1, which is lighter, tougher and more durable than the previous version. The LED indicators is quite handy for both right-handed and left-handed players.

The pneumatical latching spool helps this paintball gun work smoother and has better performance, avoiding any chance of paintball jam.

The marker’s shape are elegant and modernized with LED screen to adjust the fire speed. The weight is only 2.2 lbs. Most parts of this paintball gun can be upgraded and replaced, easier for players to clean.

However, with this type of design, this paintball marker is quite loudsy and hard to change the apperance. A longer time to turn on and off is also advised.

Pros Cons
✔️ High-quality materials, including aircraft-grade aluminum for internal sections, for long-lasting performance.

✔️ With a 4000 PSI tank and incredible air economy, you can fire up to 1,000 shots

✔️ Most components can be updated

✔️ Disassembly is simple for cleaning

❌ Because it is louder than other paintball markers, it is not suitable for deception

❌ It takes longer to switch on and off

❌ Unable to improve its look

2. Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R

This is also an upgrade version of Planet eclipse, from the 160R. Do you recognize that all marker models of Planet eclipse require no pipe? The producer focus on players’ gaming experience so they remove the air pipe and transfer the air directly to the trigger frame.

The sensing system of GTEK 170R use less air for a single shot which means that you can fire with better speed.

The light weigt of this paintball gun make it looks smaller than usual but don’t let looks deceive you, this is a truly mighty paintball gun. This marker weights only 2.05 lbs but the price is quite expensive, I’m afraid.

Pros Cons
✔️ The exterior’s milled, aircraft-grade metal is a joy to grip

✔️ Extremely quiet for sneaky gaming

✔️ Exceptionally dependable in all weather circumstances

✔️ Because of the exceptional air efficiency, less refills are required

✔️ Less expensive than equivalent electronic markers

❌ The trigger experience is adequate but not exceptional

❌ High price tag – it’s a great paintball gun, but it’s pricey

3. Planet Eclipse Emek 100

Many players and producers call Emek 100 is best mechanical paintball gun due to its design: Gamma Core drivetrain, breech sensing tech and firing pressure is only 135 PSI. This paintball gun weights is 1.87 lbs, an amazing number to other mechanical paintball markers. The best thing I love about this paintball gun is it requires no batteries to work. Besides, the trigger and loading experience is great and smooth. Yet this paintball gun is not for speedball players because the length is 10 inches shorter than other paintball guns.

Pros Cons
✔️ Because this paintball gun operates mechanically, no batteries are necessary

✔️ The PAL-enabled hopper allows for more efficient, maintenance-free loading

✔️ Trigger pull is light and smooth

✔️ Breakages are uncommon because to the low working pressure (135 PSI) and Deftek feed

✔️ At only 1.87 lbs, it is extremely small and lightweight in comparison to other markers

❌ 10″ is shorter than many players desire, which reduces accuracy

❌ Mechanical model is not suitable for speedball


empire paintball gun

There is little thing about the history of Empire paintball gun maker but they produce really good paintball guns with high quality. The two main product lines of the company is Empire Mini and Empire Axe which we will consider here.

1. Empire Paintball Mini GS

Unlike mechanical marker, Empire mini GS are truly made for speedball. The pressure control technique helps boost the speed of firing and the puppet engine increases the precision of this paintball gun. This marker is most suitable for indoor game and speedball players.

Other pros points of the Mini GS is electronic trigger, internal gas line and anti-slip grip. The only limit is this electronic paintball gun has no place in long-range match.

Pros Cons
✔️ Lightweight and well-balanced for comfortable field play

✔️ The electro-pneumatic firing system has a low recoil

✔️ The 12″ barrel provides excellent accuracy

✔️ Every shooting mode imaginable for every style of play, including competitions

✔️ E-trigger

✔️ Redline OLED board

✔️ Internal gas pipe is included

✔️ Soft flip flop

✔️ Rubber grip cover with anti-slip properties

❌ Compact design isn’t ideal for people with larger hands

❌ If the gas tank is not properly maintained, it has a propensity to leak

❌ Long-distance games are not recommended

2. Empire Paintball Axe 2.0

To erase the limitation of Mini GS, Empire paintball has introduce the Axe 2.0, which is still affordable but the best for woodsball players. This paintball gun has the exclusive relay regulator, which helps it easy to disassemble. Moreover, this electronic paintball gun also provides many shooting modes: semi-auto, ramping and burst mode. A comment for those who want to buy this paintball gun is you should upgrade the stock barrel.

Pros Cons
✔️ The Planet Eclipse Etha 2 has a more compact design

✔️ The all-aluminum shell feels superior than the Nylon exterior of the Etha 2

✔️ Metal-on-metal trigger sensation that is realistic

✔️ Quiet shooting and efficient use of air

✔️ Woodsball players say that it is simple to maintain

✔️ Elegant style

✔️ System for simple bolt removal

❌ The all-aluminum shell is more prone to wear and tear than Nylon

❌ Significantly heavier than comparable markers

❌ Many players like at least a 14″ barrel, although this is just subjective

❌ The stock barrel needs to be upgraded


dye paintball logo

Dye is created in 1994 by Dave Youngblood in America. Over 26 years of development, Dye now speards into six countries with many paintball markers manufacturing facilities. Based on San Diego, California, Dye has all advantages to be come the leader in high-tech maker industry. The two prominent products of Dye is Rize MaXXed and Dye Dam assault Matrix

1. Dye Proto Rize MaXXed

First to know, this gun is budget friendly. It’s like the best thing you can find with a discount offer. Dye Proto Rize MaXXed is light, silent, dependable and effective. The company also offer one year warranty for buyers. However, this gun needs a lot of maintainance. Overall, no matter how the price is, this gun is still my best choice.

Pros Cons
✔️ Lightweight

✔️ There is little or no noise

✔️ Really reliable

✔️ High firing speed with e-trigger

✔️ Warranty for one year

❌ Frequent upkeep is required

❌ The front grip it moves a little and is too small

2. Dye DAM assault Matrix

Bear the design of the future, Dye Dam assault Matrix is the best gun for tactical games. It contains many good points, which are Aluminum body, OTF system, two separate calibers, high precision and easy to clean.

This paintball marker is suitable for both right and left-handed players, flexible in many shooting modes and easy to hold. But the big design makes this marker noisier than usual and quite expensive for buyers.

Pros Cons
✔️ Its lightweight aluminum construction makes it easy to transport

✔️ Use two separated calibers

✔️ Allow for customisation in accordance with your desired playing style

✔️ Versatile marker with OTF system

✔️ Highly precise

✔️ Switch between the hopper and the mag as quickly as possible

✔️ Shoots first-strike rounds quickly

✔️ Simple to keep up with

❌ To a degree, loud shooting

❌ A little pricey

The Best Paintball Pistols (According to RankPaintBall)

A lot of serious paintball players like to carry a backup weapon in case of a jam or clogged barrel mid game. Having a paintball pistol strapped to your side can come in handy in such situations. In case you run out of ammo, having a full loaded paintball pistol ready to go is much faster than fumbling with ammo pods and trying to re-fill your hopper in the heat of combat. While they are certainly a luxury item, these handgun style markers can be extremely useful and fun to use. See more the Best Paintball Pistols For Paintball Players in 2022

1. Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol

Make no mistake, pistols in paintball game are not side weapons, they have the same price with normal marker. They are just the last piece of your perfect gear. This model from Tippmann has total 21 paintballs in 3 magazines and easy to lock and load. this paintball pistol is surely light, but not so light for best grip experience. Besides, this pistol provides not only single fire mode but also semi-auto mode.

The barrel has a small rail to attach need accessories for the game. Though this is still a ponder invest and it’s only fit if you are a wealthy pro player.

2. Umarex T4E Walther PPQ .43 Caliber Pistol

Another choice for pro gamers is Walther PPQ .43 Caliber Pistol, a really reliable paintball gun. this marker fps could reach 250 and the maker has optimized it for quick draw and moving in short distance. Like the other pistol models, Walther PPQ .43 caliber pistol has CO2 cylenders, aluminum body and single air cartridge.

This company little paintball pistol is awesome for those who want a very small, reliable backup weapon. It allows you to move across the playing field very quickly if you sling your rifle and draw this, and the integrated magazine means no annoying hopper or tube to get in the way. This is probably the most compact of all the sidearms we have tested out and one of our favorites.

3. JT ER2 Pump Pistol

If the two previous options are for pro players, this is the one for beginners. This paintball marker can fire 30 paintballs with the size of .50 caliber. This is the biggest forte of JT ER2, it fires more paintballs than other pistols. However, this pistol’s price is still high.

It fires using small CO2 containers and comes with 2 of them right out of the box. This means unlike cheaper, spring powered paintball pistols, the ER2 actually packs quite a punch. This gun is the best starter on amazon for the price.

Best Paintball Guns Criteria

When you are done with all gun models, now this is the moment of truth. What criteria do best paintball guns contains? They are accuracy, weight, gun material, gun design and gun price.


Each paintball gun has different precision level. The key factor is the parameter of barrel: its length and diameter. Other factors is its consistency and the propellant. This is the most important factor of best paintball guns.


Nobody wants to bring a christmas tree into a paintball game. The best paintball gun must be light and easy to handle. Let’s your hand free and feel the gun like you are in the middle of a game. The lighter the marker is, the more versatily and effectively you play.

Best paintball marker


Real man choose metal guns, but not in paintball game. There are metal and plastic models and please choose it wisely for the toughness of the paintball guns is the utmost requirement.


This is the hard part because paintball guns vary in many shapes. Some models are like real guns and some are unique. Again, please choose the best paintball gun that are light and beautiful in your eyes.


Paintball guns come with a wide price range. A normal paintball marker range from $200 to $600 USD. The other can be lower than $200 or even more than $1000 USD or even more.

Why we have to find ourselves the best paintball guns and how to do it?

Due to the request of many players, we decided to write this article to guide you to buy the most suitable paintball guns. Why I use the word “suitable” not “best”? Because there is no best paintball gun for all players. Each individual require differently about their best paintball guns and gears. Many players get stuck when choosing appropriate paintball markers for themselves, even the pros.

So, how to know your money are spent on the right paintball markers? It all bases on the specific features of each marker model, producer and on the game type you are in. Moreover, it still depends on your budget and your playstyle, are you a sprayer or a sniper? With players who love speed and spray, we have autococker and rapid trigger, on the other hand, we have slow and steady gun for woodsball players.

Types of paintball gun mechanic

Before going to the choosing part, please understand all types of paintball gun on the sake of your wallet. Basically, paintball guns are split into three branches based on mechanism.

Types of paintball gun mechanic

Pump paintball guns

The first one is Pump paintball guns. This type is like paintball shotgun that requires manual action before each shot. Of course Pump users don’t want to face with other mechanical users due to the slow shooting speed, but what if all players are join in the pump paintball gun mode, that would be super fun! Remember, this type of paintball guns is not for beginners.

Mechanically operated guns

This type of marker is used by most of players and be seen on almost paintball fields. Mechanical paintball guns are semi-automatic, which means that one stroke of the trigger fires one paintball. They are completely automated, requiring no recurrent hand-pumping or additional power sources.

When you squeeze the trigger, a sear catch moves, releasing a striker held under spring pressure. The spring decompresses and drives the striker forward, where it collides with a valve that allows pressurized air to escape. The firing pressure propels your paintball down the field while simultaneously blowing the striker back into its starting position, where it locks behind the sear catch until you click the trigger again.

This is a blowback design, and the recoil motion is identical to that of a typical weapon.

Therefore, the mechanical paintball guns are easy to handle and quite convinient. In general electronic markers eat up less propellant as they are firing using a 9v battery instead of extra gas to power the firing mechanism. This type of gun is highly functional and easily upgradable. These guns allow you to fire in semi-auto modes, which better than pump guns, but still slower than electro-pneumatic guns.

Electro-Pneumatic guns

In comparision with the two other marker types, electro-pneumatic guns has the fastest firing speeds and metrics. The more modern this model is, the harder it is to handle and requires more maintainance as well. Some producers now have added the fire rate adjustment function to their electro-pneumatic markers.

type Electro Pneumatic

The gun mechanic is not the only thing you need to consider. Other is the barrel types, trigger types and propellant types. But this will be solved gradually in the gaming process.

Now let’s go to the gun models part. After many days of research and screening, we have picked out the top markers for paintball players based on producers and gun types.

Various Types of Barrel

The barrel is a component found at the marker’s end. It is in charge of the gun’s practical and consistent shots. We’ve listed the many types of barrels available for paintball guns below:


Aluminum is by far the ideal material for paintball barrels since it is both inexpensive and lightweight. Furthermore, it is simple to create since it can be machined to perfection with ease.

Stainless Steel

Paintball barrels are typically made of stainless steel. It is somewhat heavier than aluminum and more costly. The material is difficult to machine, which raises the overall cost.

Types of Barrel paintball


Ceramic paintball barrels are not widely utilized since they do not provide adequate shock resistance and quickly break when hit forcefully. Because the material is difficult to process, it is not favoured by many producers. Despite the fact that the material is inexpensive and widely available.


Titanium paintball barrels do not last long, but they are light. In compared to aluminum and stainless steel barrels, they are lighter. They are, however, time-consuming and expensive to produce.

Carbon Fiber (CF)

Carbon fiber is the most recent material to be employed in the design of paintball barrels. They are lighter and stronger than aluminum. Regrettably, they are fairly pricey.

Various Types of Triggers

A paintball trigger is the component of a paintball gun that allows you to fire. The trigger converts the force you exert into the shot that is fired by a paintball gun. Here, we have two sorts of triggers that will be addressed more below:


The mechanical action operates a mechanical paintball trigger. When you pull the trigger, the firing process begins. The springs hold the energy. The cannon contains pressurized air, such as CO2, which provides enough power to fire a shot.

When it comes to shots per second, mechanical triggers are slower. It has a maximum rate of fire of 10 shots per second. However, uniformity in shooting is not maintained, and there are fluctuations between shots.

Set play paintball full

The mechanical trigger the gun is extremely robust and may be used in a variety of settings. Furthermore, these triggers are fairly affordable, with a price tag of roughly $200. Paintball guns with mechanical triggers are an option if you have a limited budget.


The firing system of an electro-pneumatic paintball gun is controlled by a solenoid, which is an electro-mechanical actuator. The additional compressed air provides the power. When the trigger is pressed, an electrical pulse is generated, which completes the process.

The electrical pulse activates the solenoid, allowing the paintball to enter the chamber and be fired! An electro-pneumatic trigger necessitates the use of a battery, which must be replaced more regularly. You should also evaluate the meteorological circumstances in this case.

Furthermore, it lets you to fire around 20 rounds per second, which is far faster than mechanical trigger shots. These kind of triggers provide greater consistency and reduce the likelihood of the pistol vibrating. However, electro-pneumatic triggers are more costly than mechanical ones.

Choosing the best models based on your play style

Most players have their own favourite playstyle, even the pros admit that despite they know the game thoroughly, they always stick to a specific gameplay and they choose their markers base on their favourite game style. If you are new or do not know clearly about game styles, just pick the casual markers like Tippmann A5, Cronus as safe picks. However, each play style has its own attractive things, we will explain why.

choosing woodsball vs speedball

Woodsball vs Speedball. Which marker is right for you?

Woodsball style

Woodsball’s map are always the largest and surrounded by trees. In this match type, you need Woodsball Paintball Guns with reliable long-range shooting ability and some additional gears to boost your precision. I highly recommend the Project Salvo for this game type. With a lower amount of money, you could consider the Tippmann 98 custom, a suitable option for your wallet. If you have excess money, things you should buy are extended barrel, stock and dot sight.

Speedball style

In this paintball playstyle, you don’t have to focus on precision, all you have to do is improvise with multiple situations, using your light and roburst markers to take down enemies. The suitable for this style should be Empire’s products, the Axe or Mini. This game mode needs you to spray alot, which means you need a gun with large paintball tank but still have high precision and speed. If you have come through the content above, the electronic models will be the best choice.

Recball and Milsim

style play paintball Recball and Milsim

Yes paintball has indoor field and it’s called Recball. Due to the terrain with many obstacles (bunkers, barriers…), players need a stable gun with high firing speed. The top choices could be Cronus, 98 custom or X7 Phenom. Many fields are built based on the military simulator, which the team must have complicated plans and tactics to walk through. The gamestyle is the combination of all game types, so the players usually equip themselves with full gears and guns. If you have abundant money, you should build a full tactical gear to look professional. Marker models based on military design and SMG style are the most chosen.

Safety rules when play paintball

Markers are guns on theory, so any games with guns need safety rules. Here are some top rules that you need to remember:

  • Always wearing a mask and never put off until the end of the game.
  • Aim to shoot, no aimless shoots are allowed.
  • Barrel plug is a must when not in use.
  • Essential paintball gears that you should carry are: body armor, tactical gloves, long pants, paper towers and mosquito repellents in some situations.
  • Unload and uncharge your markers at the end of the game.

That’s all for the safety rules, now move to our last advise before you enter the game.


The fast development of paintball urges producers to make their paintball gear better and cheaper for all players. However, there are a major amount of unfamous producers that head to the cheapest products but quality and safety standard are not assured. A tiny amount of cash saved could never be equal to your safety and your gaming experience. That’s why we highly recommend the excellent paintball gear makers like Tippmann, Dye, Spyder etc.

waer mask when play paintball

Don’t waste your time and money on a cheap paintball gun that won’t last or chop paint constantly, when you could be dominating your opponents every time you step onto the field! Here at RankPaintBall we hope to pass on our years of experience onto you to help you bring your skills to a whole new level like professional paintballers.

One more thing to remember, please be aware that your mask is not a decoration, it’s for your safety first. Always, ALWAYS, wear a paintball mask each and every time you step on the field to play.

Questions and Answers

1. What is the best paintball gun for less than $200?

Our recommendation for the finest paintball pistol for the money is the Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker.

2. What is the most effective mechanical paintball gun?

It’s difficult to find a nicer mechanical marker than the Planet Eclipse Emek 100.

3. What is the most accurate paintball gun?

The Tippmann A5 Sniper was chosen for its long-range accuracy. It features a long 16″ barrel with a range of 250 feet.

4. Which paintball pistol has the most power?

The Umarex T4E shoots at about 360 feet per second (FPS), which is far faster than the maximum-allowed firing rates of 280-285 feet per second. To make it field-legal, you’ll need to make certain changes.

5. What is the most costly paintball gun available?

The Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R is the most costly on our list at $799, but an Eclipse Bling Ego 09 can set you back $5,001!

6. What is the best pump paintball gun?

The Azodin KP3.5 KAOS is an excellent option.

Final Thoughts

Paintballing contains a lot of fun and health benefits. But to enjoy the game at the highest level, you need a good paintball gear. In detail, you will get many competitive advantages over other players if you have a proper paintball gun. Our buying guide has combined several features, ranging from conducting in-depth research on paintball market to questioning about the best paintball guns, the kind of gas refills, safety precautions, and much more.

It is also worth noting that electronic paintball guns are an excellent alternative for high firing speed. Because there are several paintball guns on the market, each with its own set of features and styles, we have selected the top 15 best paintball guns to make your work simpler.

If you’ve made it this far, we hope you’re prepared for a worthy decision for your own best paintball guns.

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