8 Best Paintball Barrels of 2022 | Buying Guide & Reviews

choosing the best paintball barrels

The best paintball barrels may increase accuracy and provide you a competitive advantage during play. The paintball barrel has been the front piece of your paintball gun that serves as the discharge point for paintball rounds. When referring to barrels, there seem to be so many to choose from that it can be difficult to select the right one for you.

To assist you in making the best selection possible, we’ve put up a simple checklist to assist you select the best paintball barrel kit for your paintball guns and your needs. Read throughly our buyer’s guides and analysis of the finest paintball barrels available on the current market to discover about the different accessories for your paintball gun!

Top 8 Best Paintball Barrels Reviewed (2022) – Comparison Table



Suitable For



Deadlywind Fibur X8 Carbon Fiber Main Barrel

Beginners To Professional

Fits Freak XL 8'' inserts
Precise and Stable Shots


Tippmann Sniper Barrel

Intermediate To Pro

14-inch Barrel
Greater Accuracy
Micro-honed and Polished


Smart Parts Freak XL Barrel Kit

Beginners To Professional

Autococker Back
8 Piece Aluminum Insert Kit
Soft Barrel Case


Deadlywind Fibur-X Carbon Fiber

Beginners To Professional

Silent and Super Light
Optimal Precision


Eclipse Shaft FR Back Kits

Intermediate To Pro

A Unique Design
Cocker Quick Threads


GOG Paintball Freak Jr Barrel Kit

Beginners To Professional

True Carbon Fiber
Autococker Barrel Thread
Highest Quality Carbon Fiber Barrel


Carmatech Engineering Nemesis Rifled

Beginners To Professional

Forged Aluminum Construction
Spline Drive Rifling
Steady Port Pressure Porting


Dye Precision Ultralite Boomstick

Intermediate To Pro

Tough and Durable
Auto cocker Threads


Best Paintball Barrel

1. Deadlywind Fibur X8 Carbon Fiber Main Barrel

Please choose the DeadlyWind Fibur X8 if you need a barrel that’s light, efficient, and exceptionally silent.

This is the only carbon fiber barrel available that employs the GoG 8-inch Freak XL inserts (XL 8-inch). The classic barrel, which uses the 5-inch Freak Inserts, is also available. The X8 carbon fiber barrel is said to help firing more precisely than the lesser control bore 5-inch inlays since it employs the larger control bore 8-inch Freak XL inlay.

The DeadWind Fibur X8 consists of three different pieces: a bolted adaptor, a Freak XL 8″ insert, and the primary carbon fiber barrel, which is one of my favorite features. This design has the benefit of allowing you to use the barrel on nearly any paintball pistol by just swapping the threaded adapter.

Another outstanding characteristic of the Fibur X8 is its superior 3-layer carbon composite material, which is simply exceptional. The Fibur X8 is manufactured of “22 satin Twill exterior, uni-direction fibers lined up in a robust multi-vector design (whew, that’s a mouthful) and a very slick Silkfiber interior that can be securely swabbed,” according to DeadlyWind.com.

The Fibur X8 also has a number of other porting possibilities, including:

  • Casual Porting.
  • Dual Porting.
  • Spiral Porting.
  • Dual Spiral Porting.
  • No Porting.

A word of caution, however: several players have reported difficulty in removing the reversal thread adaptor when they initially received the Fibur X8. Luckily, the threaded adaptor has a tiny hole on the both sides through which you may insert a small bennett wrench to provide leverage to spin it off.

Pros Cons

✔️ Fits Freak XL 8” inserts

✔️ Ultra-lightweight

✔️ Precise and stable shots

❌ Adapters may be needed

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2. Tippmann Sniper Barrel

Tippmann Sniper Barrels are offered in 14 and 16 inch widths. The interior of the Tippmann Sniper barrel is well finished, with a high precision finish. The exterior has a tough anodized black finish.

The barrel form is basic, but it has some incredible features like fluting and ports at the end to aid in gas release. Players  will undoubtedly achieve exceptional gaming performance with this precise barrel arrangement. Tippman sniper barrel is made of lightweight aluminum and features a low-friction inside.

It’s a single-piece barrel with a straightforward pattern. The barrel size should neither exceed 18” nor fall below 12”, according to most recommendations. Tippman sniper has the perfect length here. It will undoubtedly assist you in taking precise shots!

Pros Cons

✔️ Allow users to take precise and long-range shots

✔️ Works with the least amount of noise possible

✔️ Simple to clean

✔️ Tippmann 98 Custom and Custom Pro Markers are compatible

✔️ Excellent for players that want to stay hidden and snipe from distance

❌ There isn’t a lot to choose from

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3. Smart Parts Freak XL Barrel Kit

This bundle includes a number of features that will make gaming experience both healthy and pleasant. The set includes an 8-piece inlay kit, an autococker barrel thread, and a smooth barrel cover to assist you in keeping and transporting your gear from one location to another. One of the greatest producers on the industry created this 14” paintball barrel. It is intended to support a variety of bore sizes, giving you a variety of alternatives to employ in various scenarios. However, notice that there is no detail about the brand on this paintball barrel kit.

Bore diameters that work well with the barrels are .679, .682, .684, .687, .689, .691, .693, and .695. These inlays are composed of metal that has been polished. The GoG/Ion or Autococker threading patterns are the two alternatives for the type of ending offered by the manufacturers. This model is put through its paces in a controlled setting to assist manufacturers in developing a barrel that has reduced recoil, noise, and air effect on the paintballs. When these criteria are taken into account, you may get the greatest outcomes from this model.

Pros Cons

✔️ Inserts made of aluminum

✔️ Multiple barrels’ bore sizes are supported

✔️ Return of the auto cocker

✔️ A wider selection is available

✔️ Accurate and time-saving

✔️ It’s simple to use

❌ There was no access to all relevant information

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4. Deadlywind Fibur-X Carbon Fiber

Deadly Wind is certain of their quality assurance! This compact barrel is backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing flaws. The barrel is made up of three layers, the most essential of which is the inner part.

Its flawless design, often known as ultra slick, will undoubtedly lead to precise shots. Several carbon fiber barrels have concerns with fiber threads sticking out of the ports hole’s edges, causing the barrel tip area to be unequal.

You will not have any issue with DeadlyWind Fibur-X Carbon barrel. This quiet and precise barrel weighs 45 grams in the 12” model and 50 grams in the 14” variant. A uni-directional fibre layer with a robust multi-vector design and a multiple twill exterior layer are included in additional to super fibre layer.

The barrel delivers a precise shot and is well-protected during the whole game thanks to a barrel wipe. Despite its small weight, the hopper is strong and sturdy, remaining intact even after extensive usage.

Pros Cons

✔️ Silent and super light

✔️ Optimal precision

✔️ Optimal precision. three-layer construction

✔️ USA made

✔️ Extremely long-lasting

✔️ It looks and feels fantastic

✔️ Straight shots

✔️ Reduce the amount of noise

❌ Quite expensive

❌ The barrel does not fit all bore diameters perfectly

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5. Eclipse Shaft FR Back Kit

When refers to the best paintball barrel kits, there is no such thing as this cheap paintball barrel. You want it to be precise and quick, which Eclipse Shaft FR can satisfy. The barrel possesses all of these characteristics, as well as the ability to shoot the paintballs with unrivaled accuracy.

To whom is wondering, this barrel is unquestionably the best option. You can even acquire them in crazy ready format, which you may use in conjunction with unsual inserts. The Design Shaft has meticulously refined the barrel form. It will allow you to blast some fantastic paintballs while also allowing you to look fantastic.

The barrel is also compatible with three or four shaft tips, offering you a wide range of customizing options. The cocker fast threads, which make it stick out, are another notable feature. Generally, this barrel has everything you’ll need to make your paintball excursions a blast.

Pros Cons

✔️ With many crazy inserts, it’s a perfect fit

✔️ Improve your paintball barrel bore size selection

✔️ The insert is guided by a unique design

✔️ A joiner part maintains the insert in place

✔️ The marker will be simple to construct and disassemble with multiple barrels

❌ A little uncomfortable

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6. GOG Paintball Freak Jr Barrel Kit

The COG Freak Junior barrel kit may be of interest to you if you’re seeking for a full solution for your best paintball barrel. This basic system is a fantastic alternative for novices seeking for a reliable barrel with lots of room for future improvements. A straight rear and standard hole diameter insert, as well as a flat ported front, characterize this barrel. Strange fronts and USA-made fronts, also a variety of Freak inlays, may be simply added to the Freak Junior to create a complete barrel system.

For those who are just getting started, this is a highly cost-effective solution. This system not only provides a solid barrel to increase accuracy, but it also represents an excellent long-term financing with lots of room for future improvement and personalization.

Pros Cons

✔️ Bore inserts in sizes of .689, .691, and .693

✔️ Freak Jr 14” Tip and Freak Jr back

✔️ Costs less than the freak XL kit

❌ Only for screwed GOG / Smartparts paintball guns

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7. Carmatech Engineering Nemesis Rifled



The Carmatech Engineering Nemesis Rifled Barrel is the ideal barrel for magfed paintballers who enjoy shooting First Strike rounds.

If you’re playing First Strike rounds, this paintball barrel will give you the highest accuracy (unless other also possess a Nemesis too). And believe me when I say that this rifled barrel is the most effective paintball barrel I’ve personally fired in my seasons of paintballing.

So, what is it about the Carmatech Nemesis that makes it such a precise barrel?

To begin with, this rifled barrel has a patent-pending “Spline Drive” Rifling Mechanism as well as a True Flight Muzzle Design. These innovative characteristics are essential for boosting the projectile base RPM to 12,000 RPM as well as enabling this paintball barrel very efficient (allegedly 30% better than other rifled paintball barrels).

This greater RPM helps to stabilize the First Strike rounds, allowing the Carmatech Nemesis to improve their product’s accuracy even further. Carmatech Engineering released the NIPS (yeah, that’s the actual word) barrel edge and even a NIPS four-piece package to assist give a better barrel match for First Strike rounds, further enhancing the efficiency of the Nemesis paintball barrel.

The NIPS (Nemesis Interlocking Projectile System) barrel cap aids to normalize the First Strike cartridge post-rifling by preventing off range nutation, often described as “corkscrewing,” by giving a superior bore fit. Corkscrewing occurs when the front part of a First Strike round rotates in a slight circular motion as it goes through the wind, similar to how a corkscrew swings.

Pros Cons

✔️ Developed by Carmatech Engineering and made in the U.S.A

✔️ Forged Aluminum Construction

✔️ Patent Pending (Multi-National) Spline Drive Rifling System

✔️ Precision Rifling Bore .6860 +/- .0005

✔️ Milspec Type II Black Hardcoat Anodize

❌ Comparatively expensive

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8. DYE Precision GF Boomstick Barrel



Finally, we suggest the DYE Precision GF Boomstick Barrel. It’s among the best paintball barrels available, with a two-piece construction and excellent quality. The structure is made up of CF & GF structural wrap, resulting in a lightweight and unrivaled performance.

Furthermore, the barrel has a consistent and stable terminal pressure porting. The barrel’s great design port makes it highly accurate and gives it a good performance. Furthermore, the stainless steel inlay ensures a long-lasting function and resistance to scratches and damage.

This construction also ensures a straight and clean surface finish on the barrel. One advantage worth mentioning is the use of glass fiber material, which is known for its exceptional strength and toughness. Plus, there’s more. Color customisation is available. Despite the fact that the barrel is quite pricey, its quality and features set it apart.

Pros Cons

✔️ Built in two pieces for maximum performance

✔️ It has a reliable port

✔️ Insert made of stainless steel

✔️ Glass fiber technique is used

✔️ Extremely long-lasting

✔️ Customize the color scheme

❌ Somewhat tight

❌ There isn’t a lot to choose from

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Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Paintball Barrel

It’s never simple to decide which is the best paintball barrel to invest in.

It’s hard to get right and easy to select the wrong barrel with so many various brands, styles, sizes, bore diameters, material types, as well as other aspects to consider (like one-piece versus two-piece or rifling versus no rifling).

Fortunately, if you strictly follow the tips below, you will have no trouble finding the best paintball barrel for yourself and your wallet.

So, without any further hesitation, let’s get this party started!


type of threads barrel

The first step in purchasing a paintball barrel would be to determine what type of threads your weapon employs.

The following are the most common barrel threading options:

  • Autococker
  • A5
  • 98 Custom
  • Ion
  • Shocker
  • The following are among the less common barrel threading options:
  • Twist lock by Automag.
  • Twist lock by Tiberius Arms.
  • Phantom.
  • ICD.
  • Angel.
  • Angel A1.
  • Angel G7.

If you buy a barrel with the wrong threading, you’ll have to buy an adaptor to convert it to the loops you need, or you’ll need to purchase a new barrel altogether.

The converter is perhaps the cheapest choice, but it adds an extra item to your marker that you don’t absolutely need. Although it is unlikely to weigh significantly, it’s something to consider.

Barrel Bore size

Barrel Kit - Colored Inserts

When searching for the best paintball barrels with accuracy, bore size is among the most crucial factors to consider. The mean size of most paintballs barrel is .68 inches.

Having a paintball barrel that is larger than the paintballs will provide the balls greater space to move inside the barrel. As a result, there may be less altitude and, obviously, less accuracy. Therefore, you should consider the well-known notion of underboring, that states that the bore diameter should be lower than the diameter of paintballs.

Assure that there’s no additional area for the paintballs to move about within the barrel during boring, which will result in a more constant trajectory and increased accuracy.

Paintball Barrel Length

Image of Paintball Barrels

“What will be the best paintball barrel length?” is the question that many people have. Well, it is basically determined by factors such as gasoline economy, playing style, and so on. The choice of paintball barrel length is more like a technical one.

Many individuals desire large barrels because they believe they will let them to shoot further. Then that doesn’t create a change how far it goes in reality. The barrels’ length does influence precision to some extent. It does, however, mostly rely on the paint you’re using.

To put it another way, get high-quality paintball bullets if you really want your shots to become more exact. Furthermore, it is commonly noticed it as the barrel length increases, gas efficiency diminishes. Short barrels use less fuel and use less oxygen to fire the paintballs.

Short barrels, additionally, make a loud noise when fired. Increased instability and less precise shots will happen when more airflow surrounds the balls in the short barrels.

For the best accuracy, we highly recommend going with a 12” barrel. A paintball barrel can be as little as 7” and as long as 20”. Because there is much of hide – and – seek situation in paintball game, some skilled snipers invest in a 20” barrel.

Barrel Material

types of Barrel Material

The materials you choose for the painball barrel is a critical call to make because it will affect the barrel’s performance. The heaviness of your marker and the precision of your shots are both affected by this. Some barrel components are more durable than the others and endure repeated usage. Let’s examine a few of the most prevalent barrel materials.


The aluminum barrel provides a great weight-to-durability ratio. When compared to other materials, they are much lighter. Furthermore, the material is economically priced, allowing you to choose a well-engineered aluminum barrel although if your budget is limited. The trait of equilibrium is just unrivaled.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel barrels are almost as tough as aluminium and can take a battering. More than that, stainless steel barrel will withstand the time power, regardless how tough you handle your paintball weapon. As a result, stainless steel barrel is preferred by many pro players. The fact that it is so hefty is a disadvantage. It is much more likely that going from aluminum to steel will add roughly 2 pounds to the paintball gun.


Ceramic barrels are just as light as aluminum barrels. However, because they are sensitive, they may shatter if you use the marker incorrectly. One of the key advantages is that it self-cleans, so you don’t have to go to the hassle of cleaning up the mess.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is perhaps the most agile material currently accessible. Despite this, the material is quite resilient. The main advantage is that there is no resistance on the inside of the barrel. This ensures that your paintballs travel much far as possible. However, in compared to other possibilities, it is fairly pricey.


Brass must be the least prevalent material utilized to build paintball barrels.

This isn’t to say that brass isn’t a good stuff for paintball barrels; in fact, it’s been established that brass outperforms many other materials.

To begin with, brass is scratch-prone (much like aluminum) and also is the hardest material utilized to build paintball barrels. Moreover, b rass is also prone to rust with time (if it is not properly cared for), so tidying your barrel will require more effort than washing the other components.

Vents & Design

Paintball Barrel Vents

Vents are the little openings on the basic barrel that allow air to escape. Their principal function is to relieve pipe pressure that has built up. The nearer the vents are near the marking, the more probable the rounds will be quiet. You will undoubtedly acquire an advantage over your opponents. However, keep in mind that the pace may be sluggish.

Vents towards the barrel’s tip, conversely, will be noisier, but the rounds will be strong. As a result, select the finest paintball barrel for precision that complements your playstyle.

In a perfect world, you’d have many barrels and shift them around depending on the game. Furthermore, the interior surface has a major impact on the paint’s resistance as it passes through the pipeline. Friction is much less likely to occur if the finish surface is smooth.

Remember that an unbalanced interior might cause a variety of issues, including poor speed or paintball fracture. Aside from friction, the interior finish has an impact on upkeep. You’ll want it to be simple to keep clean and preserve. Isn’t that so? As a result, don’t overlook this element. It’s impossible to predict when you’ll need to cleanse the barrel in the middle of the match.

One-Piece vs Two-Piece

My paintball gun with barrel upgrade

Through time, everything may improve. Some things get minor tweaks, while others get major overhauls. When it comes to paintball, there are a lot of improvements to choose from. Two-piece barrels are among them, and they’re highly apparent.

Only few players were associated with paintball activities when they first appeared, and one-piece cylinders were routinely utilized. We’ve seen two-piece barrels give greater accuracy with various developments in paintball equipment.

These barrels quickly gained reputation and began to supplant the single-piece barrels. Two-piece barrels are special that they allow the players to choose different parts on front and rear of their barrel. It’s up to the players if they really want a long one or a short one.

It’s entirely up to you! These sections come in a variety of sizes, and the inclusion of an additional piece allows for greater customization than single-piece barrels would allow. The front component is mostly chosen based on how long you want to use the paintball marker and your level of comfort in doing so. The rear piece, however, is mostly determined by the width of the paintballs you intend to discharge.

Sound Signature

While many paintballers say that paintball barrels have minimal influence on accuracy (considering the paint fits the bore appropriately), there’s no doubting that altering your barrel may change your paintball gun’s sound signature.

The easiest option to lessen your marker’s sound characteristic is to switch to a barrel with greater ports. You may also use a lengthier barrel to minimize the sound characteristic of your paintball marker, but this will only assist so much.

Sound characteristic is reduced by porting > length.

Barrel Accuracy

The efficiency of the barrel is determined by a number of variables. Here’s how to do it:

Keeping The Barrel Clean: Make sure your barrel is free of any trash or dirt. Residual p aint or dust can become caught on the inside of the barrel, increasing turbulence and slowing down flying speed.

Optimal Barrel Bore Length: As previously mentioned, the bore size of the barrel has a considerable impact on its accuracy. Choose a bore diameter that prevents paintballs from moving freely within the gun or being lodged inside. Both of these factors can have a significant impact on paintball efficiency. Choose the appropriate size.

Use High-Quality Paintballs: Low-quality balls are not precisely spherical and have a rough surface polish. They will not be aimed directly at the target. To ensure that your shots are precise, invest in high-quality paintballs.

Optimal Barrel Length: As previously said, you do not need to choose a barrel that is too long or too short. The optimal barrel length ranges from 12 to 18 inches. A long barrel will most likely decelerate paintball shots, whilst a short barrel would likely increase turbulence, leading in inaccuracy.

Appropriate barrel porting minimizes any extra air resistance and aids in paintball stabilization for smooth and precise shots.

Closed-Bolt vs Open-Bolt

open bolt paintball marker

Any marker with the bolt in the “closed” state (a.k.a the front position) and the paintball sitting inside the barrel till the paintball marker is fired is referred to the closed bolt paintball gun. When the paintball is fired, the bolt opens and HPA or Co2 propels the paintball ahead, enabling another paintball to fall into the barrel before the bolt closes.

An open bolt paintball gun is one in which the bolt remains in the “open” state (a.k.a the back position) till the paintball gun is fired, only with paintball lying in the barrel. When the paintball is shot, the bolt pushes forward (locking the bolt), and HPA (or Co2) propels the paintball ahead. The bolt then will revert to the open spot once the paintball has been pushed out of the paintball gun, allowing a new paintball to land into the gap.

When playing with a closed bolt paintball marker (usually a pump gun or an Autococker), players need to underbore since the bolt closes behind the paintball and then had to be shot, causing the paintball to stay in the barrel (rather than in the breach), in which it can simply slide out of their paintball guns. However, players  won’t  have to think about barrel overrun if they underbore (use paintballs that are larger than the bore diameter of the marker’s barrel).

Proper Barrel Porting

Porting characteristics such as small holes next to the barrel are found on the best paintball barrels for accuracy. These craters are quite important. You’ll notice porting on a decent paintball gun if you have one. Because the quality of the paintballs would not be affected as they exit the barrel, we strongly suggest a ported barrel.

Showing a Paintball Gun Barrel

Porting not only improves accuracy but also reduces shot noise. When you shoot paintballs, air pressure is generated in the gun, which gives it the necessary momentum and speed. Porting removes the extra air that is present before the balls leaves the barrel, making the marker much quieter.

Improved precision is the second key benefit. It is impossible to dispute that porting has a significant impact on the gun’s accuracy. The tension in the paintball gun is created when you squeeze the trigger, and any additional pressure might cause turbulence.

It typically causes spinning or trembling, which leads to an erroneous trajectory. The increased power and pressure are dissipated via proper porting, which keeps the paintball steady and straight. Some players believe that porting reduces the strength of their shot by removing surplus air pressure. It’s important to remember that there’s a fine line between overporting and underporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it true that a longer barrel improves paintball accuracy?

A: The most appropriate paintball barrel size is determined by your own playing style. The ideal length somewhere between 12 and 16 inches.

Short barrels are ideal for close skirmishes, whilst long barrels are better for sniper scenarios. Short barrels save gas, allow for fast shots, and are simple to control. They are, however, quite noisy. Long barrels, contradictorily, are less effective, but they are silent and ideal for long-distance conflicts.

Q: What really is the optimal paintball barrel bore diameter?

A: Usually, you should choose a barrel that is of a medium size. It shouldn’t get trapped inside the marker because of being too short, nor should it move about freely because of being too long.

You might want to go with.684 or.685. Keep in mind that the barrel size is a crucial aspect for smooth and precise paintball shots.

Q: How long should a paintball barrel be?

A: This is just a subjective view, however we strongly advise you to purchase one between 12 and 16 inches. If you are a frequent paintball player who prefers to play from the front, the shorter model could be preferable. The longer barrel, oppositely, may be preferable while playing towards the rear of the paintball field.

Q: What is the best way to clean a paintball barrel?

A: It’s not difficult to cleanse your paintball barrel kits. A scraper is all you’ll need. Remove the barrel from your paintball gun. Place one edge of the scraper inside the barrel and press it all the way around the pistol. Continue to tug it until the tail becomes stuck in the barrel. Wash the outside and repeat this process for a deep clean.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the best paintball barrel will be simpler than ever if you’ve got this far. Paintball sport needs a combination and development of several skills like leadership, collaboration, and coordination. Additionally, participating in active sports helps you motivated and fit.

Ceramic paintball barrels are gentler and more accurate, thus we recommend them. However, do your homework and weigh the benefits and drawbacks. Also, think about your budget. While it’s a lot of fun to play, understanding the new rules and ideas might be a little challenging for beginners.

Even if you succeed in completing all of the tasks, they will face a new problem when it comes to selecting paintball equipment. If you’re stumped about which is the best paintball barrel for your playstyle, examine the instructions above. You’ll find plenty of the information you need there.

We hope that our in-depth buyer’s reference will assist you in selecting the finest paintball barrel. Any paintball gamemode is impossible to play without an efficient barrel!

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