Anodizing Paintball Guns | New Custom Design For Your Paintball Gun

Do you want a whole new custom design for your paintball gun?

If yes, then there are many different ways to make it real. You can choose to anodize aluminum paintball markers with hydro dipping, which is one popular option for those seeking specifically artwork on their gun. However, this may not be applied for steel marker!

So, what’s the process of anodizing? Simply continue reading below to learn everything you need. This guide will teach how it’s done!

What is Anodizing?

what is anodizing

Anodizing is a process of using electricity to create a thin protective layer on the surface of paintball guns. Anodizing adds protection and longevity to your paintball gun, but what else can it do? Anodized paintball guns also offer some unique properties that can improve performance as well as aesthetic pleasure.

First, Anodizing changes the surface structure of the metal, and creates a layer that is more resistant to corrosion. An anodizing paintball guns will be protected against small scratches and bumps, which will help the gun to look its best. Moreover, it can also make it easier to grip your marker, increasing users’ control and accuracy. Accordingly, anodizing allows for a wider range of available colors than other paintball gun finishes, providing an opportunity to customize your marker’s appearance. Dipped markers still get scratched up over time, but the corrosion resistance will keep them looking their best longer than regular paintball guns.

Should You Anodize Your Paintball Gun??

Anodizing can be done on any type of paintball gun, but it is especially useful if the metal finish has already worn away. Anodized aluminum paintball guns will not actually repair existing damage – they’ll just cover it up! So it is great for players that want to protect their investment and keep their gun looking like new.

This is also a good option for players that want to stand out and be unique because it makes aluminum paintball guns are shiny and eye-catching, and most any color is available! However, anodizing adds some additional weight to your gun as well. This method is not recommended for the casual paintball player, as the process is complicated and expensive. In fact, anodized markers will cost more than regular paintballs guns and require more upkeep, so be sure to consider these factors before choosing this option.

Anodize Your Paintball Gun

Secondly, anodizing is also a popular option for players that want to customize their existing gun with artwork. Anodizing allows for bright, vibrant colors that will stand out against the metal background of an aluminum paintball gun! On the other hand, hydro dipping is also a viable option to completely change the appearance of your gun – which involves submerging your existing marker in a water-soluble film before adding new artwork. In real circumstances, anodizing is more expensive than hydro dipping, but it is also more permanent. This is the long-lasting option that will protect your marker for years to come!

Pros Cons

✔️ Highly resistant to corrosion

✔️ Doesn’t scratch, chip, or or peel

✔️ Wide variety of gloss and color alternatives

✔️ Can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water

✔️ Unlike to fade unless stored in sunlight for 5+ years

❌ Costs hundreds of dollars

❌ Can only be used on aluminum

❌ The color white can not be used when anodizing

❌ May have to wait weeks for the marker to be anodized and returned

How Much Does It Cost to Anodize a Paintball Gun?

How much does it cost for us to anodize our guns?

The price will be determined by the number of parts that need dyeing or covering in a specific color, as well any designs you want to be made permanent with special plating process.

The cost of anodizing and maintaining your paintball gun depends on the size. For a standard sized marker, it expects to pay $150-$500 for whole surface treatment alone (without cleaning). If the marker has to be disassembled and prepared ahead of time with supplies like freezer bags or dish soap, you can keep them clean while using cheaper parts from other equipment in order not break any bank accounts!

Aesthetic Anodizing Boston Paintball

A single color design will typically run about 150 dollars; however if there are multiple colors planned including custom effects such as splashy finishes, the prices may range up to nearly 800$.

All things considered, it is possible to save some money by doing the work yourself. But if you have any emblems or personalization on your paintball gun then I would just let professionals handle this job for maximum protection of their investment!

How Much Does A Paintball Gun Cost?

Design Options for Anodized Paintball Guns

The most popular design options for paintball guns are fades, sponge with splash and acid wash. My favorite style though would have to be Poocasso from Pooty Paintball because it’s so unique!

That’s why you need to make sure your anodized paintball gun matches the color of its host. Every paintball marker will be unique, even if they were completed by exactlythe same person!

Can Your Paintball Gun Be Damaged From Anodizing?

You can prevent damage to your paintball gun by using a reputable anodizing service, but it’s always the best if you avoid the low-quality providers.

Anodizing is a beautiful process that leaves your paintball gun looking sleek and shiny, but it can be harmful if done incorrectly. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is so true here as well- aneros should never have been able to remove more than 1/1000th of an inch at time because doing so would result in removing far too much material before stopping altogether!

This means paying full attention during prep work and making sure all parts are adequately soaked in solvent overnight could prevent the chance of everything will be pulled away easier when being layers removed next day.

How Many Times Can a Paintball Gun Be Anodized?

How many times can you anodize a paintball gun? I have contacted a professional service to find it out for you guys. And not just mentioning to any pro painter, but one that’s experienced with the task at hand – they have their own special way of making things done!

Bomber Anodizing does some great work.

Paintball guns that don’t use set screws like PE can be Anno’d more, but we’ve had better success masking magnets and screw holes to help prevent issues in the past. The most common problem is metal shrinkage after 5-6 jobs.  However, you’ll eventually start seeing some hashing or shavings on your barrel if it’s not done professionally.

Best Service for Anodizing Paintball Guns

Here’s a list of the best services for anodizing paintball guns.

  • Pooty Paintball (California)
  • Precision Color Techniques (Maryland)
  • Arc Anodizing (Texas)
  • Blizzard Anodizing (New York)
  • Caustic Customs Anodizing (Texas)
  • FX Anodizing (Texas)
  • ATMF Anotech Metal Finishing (California)
  • Aesthetic Anodizing (Canada, eh)

I can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to get your paintball gun back quickly. However, if you choose one of the reputable services listed above and wait just a little longer then there’s no doubt that not only will it turn out great but also becomes a sweet looking marker too!

In my experience, Pooty Paintball and their staffs have been the most helpful when it comes to anodizing paintball guns. They were both very responsive in answering any questions that I had about how they work or what materials are used for different parts of a gun- not only did this make them more enjoyable than other companies but also gave me peace knowing there would be no wasted time on pointless conversational threads!

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